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The Sibling – Mother experience: it’s all in the Moon


I had a chat with my eldest son this evening, about the experience of mother.

I explained to him that he has a different mother from his siblings. He, naturally, looked at me as though I had lost my marbles. Stepfathers and half-brothers he can understand… but different mothers, when he knows full well I gave birth to them all…? Hell, he was being ushered out of the house past the birthing pool in the kitchen minutes before the last one decided to put in his appearance!

I told him it wasn’t that weird, really. I explained that my own four siblings and I have very different experiences of our own mother. And, when he thought about it, he could see that the way he saw and interacted with me was quite different from the way his brothers do. Which isn’t in any way evaluative, incidentally. From my subjective position 😉 I would say that not one of them has a ‘better‘ or ‘worse‘ relationship with me, but each is intrinsically different.

Well of course, I hear you cry, since all your children are different!

And yes, you have a very good point.

But, in keeping with the Lunar articles that have begun this blog, I would go a step further and say that it is also because their Moons are very different. Since Moon describes your mother-experience, and each of my children has a very differently placed and aspected Moon, does it not make sense that they each have a very different experience of me?

My eldest has a Cancer Moon: the Moon at her happiest, a devoted and nurturing home-maker of a mum. He was my first-born and for him I ordered a weekly organic vegetable box, pureed only the very best for his little body, clad his bottom in washable nappies and he never suffered once from nappy rash. The downside to this, of course, is that now that he has reached the grand old age of 11 and started high school, he feels the need to let me know it’s all a bit full-0n. Smothering, even. I need to take my cue and back off a bit. He wants to spread his wings – not the easiest of things to watch happen for a Cancer-Moon mummy.

Compare that to little Bertie: a Pisces Moon. Ruled by Neptune, his grasp of who his Mummy is is likely to be rather more nebulous and uncertain. He is more likely to experience his mother as an ideal that she is not always going to live up to. He’ll have a vision in his mind of who I am and will struggle with being disappointed that I cannot always attain that giddying height! There is a possibility too, I am sad to say, that he will see me as a victim and, conversely, with the Neptunian perfectionism, if I fail to live up to his ideal of ‘Mummy’ then he will feel like a victim.

Of course, as well as them, two of my children have Taurus Moons (a traditional and reliable Mummy, who knows that the way to our hearts is through a good plate of nourishing food; a pair of snuggly pyjamas and lots of cuddles) and, finally, one has a Leo Moon (a dramatic Mummy from whom we want lots of affection, attention and praise and, if we don’t get it, we may become rather dramatic as a result!) All very different, but all with the same Mummy. Me.

Interesting, then, that no matter if you bring your children up in exactly the same manner, with just the same type of mothering and love, their experience of you will be the very one that they need in order to grow, individuate, evolve and make the best of their path. And I say that advisedly because, as challenging a concept as it may seem, even if in spite of your best efforts their experience of you as a mother was not what you would have wished, it was what your children needed to best set them up to work through what they need to in this life.


Moon through the signs: Sagittarius to Pisces


This is the third and final instalment of my series of articles on the Moon through the signs, exploring what the Moonsign placement signifies in terms of your child’s astrology and the conditions of his or her life, specifically from birth to seven years old.

In the next article, I am going to begin looking at Moon through the Houses and how that flavours what we already know about the Moonsign. After those explorations, I will take one Moonsign through each house. Obviously, though, to take all the Moonsign and House placement combinations is a very large undertaking and will take a long time. I am, however,writing them up in a book which will, I hope, be ready for publication in the summer of next year.

For now, though, let’s continue with the Moon through the signs.

Moon in Sagittarius:

Your Sagittarian Moonchild is a little utopian. The world is ‘supposed’ to be a place of high ideals, beauty, dignity, and is a horrible disappointment when it fails to deliver. Ruled by Jupiter – the embodiment of the jovial – this is a perpetually happy little person, inclined naturally towards optimism and the habit of spreading it.

Later in life, your little one is likely to be interested in philosophy, religions, spirituality – in belief systems in other words – theories and beliefs that pertain to the larger, unseen and more mysterious workings of the universe.

Parental tips:

  • Try to help your little Sagittarian Moonchild to accept the world and the people in it for who they are. Expecting them to live up to your little one’s standards is a sure-fire route to crushed ideals.
  • Even if you don’t agree with them, it is vitally important to the Sagittarian Moonchild that his or her opinions are heard and respected, so try to listen and allow the space for it.
  • This little one is likely to have quite a thirst for knowledge and a good set of encyclopaedia could rescue you from a 24-hour-quiz of a life!

Moon in Capricorn:

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is a naturally rather sombre and responsible energy. This placement is often referred to as ‘an old head on young shoulders’ and generally produces somewhat reserved and serious little ones. As these little ones get older, you will see a pattern where they only really feel good about themselves if they feel they have achieved something, whether that is in life, or in the simple day-to-day. This somewhat suppressed nature makes for a child who is not really sure how to handle emotions, but in spite of their own difficulty with them, they still have a deep need and longing for the love and affection they perceive others as getting. Saturn is also the planet of older people, more mature people, and Capricorn Moonchildren often feel more comfortable with older children or adults.

Parental tips:

  • It will help your little one if you can try to persuade him or her to enjoy the ride and not to be too goal-focussed. Capricorn Moonchildren can be their own worst critics, too – help them to take it a little easier on themselves.
  • This little one can focus far too much on the practical, neglecting the emotional. Lots of openness and affection can go a long way towards ameliorating the situation for them.

Moon in Aquarius:

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which brings a very ‘alternative’ energy to this placement. Where Saturn is perceived as conformist, Uranus is the non-conformist, sometimes rather ungenerously labelled the rebel. This bright and sparky little one will want above all to be independent and autonomous, to make his or her own decisions, to work it out for him or herself. This sparky energy translates to friendships and feelings, too – they’re likely to be the life and soul and a popular member of the group, but also to feel that brainpower is more dependable than those pesky, uncontrollable emotions.

Parental tips:

  • However frustrating it may be, try to allow your Aquarius Moonchild the space to make his or her own mistakes. Trying to force ideas or methods is likely to result in dug-in heels and explosive stand-offs.
  • Aquarian Moonchildren can sometimes feel rather too ‘different’ for their own liking, either intolerant of or untolerated by the group. Gentle assurances about differences not being wrong will help them not to evaluate their differences, or those of others too harshly.

Moon in Pisces:

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Moon/Neptune contacts invariably bring about a heightened sensitivity, which in a Pisces Moonchild can cause problems with their less sensitive peers. The sensitivity can be so heightened in fact that this little one would do best to avoid insensitive people altogether.  The positive side of this is the compassionate manner with which they are likely to treat others. Neptune is the rather foggy planet of dreaming, too, and this can be wonderful for the imagination, but not so good for the escapism.

  • Try to help your Piscean Moonchild learn to let negativity wash over him or her and not take it too much to heart.
  • Living in the real world can be much less appealing to this little one than the fantasy world of the imagination. Focus can be a bit of an issue when it comes to school; a little too much gazing out of the window!  Helping your little one to create clear boundaries between fact and fiction, between the world he or she inhabits and the one of his or her imagination will be of great use to him or her later on.
In the next article, I’ll be looking at the Moon through the first three houses.
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