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Moon through the Houses Pt 2: 5th to 8th


Continuing my exploration of the placement of the Moon in the Nativity, here is the second of three articles looking at the interpretations of the House your child’s Moon falls in. The idea, next,  is that we combine the Moonsign with its House and come up with a third, tailor-made description of the condition of your child’s Moon. After this series, I will be taking one Moonsign through all the Houses as an example of how to do it.

Of course, as ever, these descriptions depict the general principles of the Moon placements. In each individual chart there will be more ease, or indeed more difficult aspects to these Moon placements and you would need to look at the individual Nativity in order to work out whether these principles were easily tapped into by your child, or were the object of a little more sensitivity or difficulty.

Again, if you are not sure where your child’s Moon resides, please feel free to send me their details, and I will happily let you know.

So, let us begin!

Moon in the 5th House:

The 5th is the House of children, romantic love, creativity, and is associated with all things Solar and Leo. The Moon here will therefore have similar energies to that of Moon in Leo: showy, expansive, dramatic and overt, fond of children even from an early age. Lots of lavished affection in both directions, with a happy Moon placement. This little one is likely to hold his or her feelings in quite high regard; to be quite strongly attached or swayed by them, and to be more than happy to discuss them.

Parental tips:

  • This little one is likely to enjoy acting classes!
  • When feeling less than happy, these children can be quite dramatic in their emotional expression and may need a little help regaining some perspective. It will be important that their feelings aren’t belittled though, of course!

Moon in the 6th House:

The 6th is the House of daily life and health and, putting these two together, you have a little one for whom long bouts of unhappiness are likely to manifest into ill health. This is also the House most closely associated with Virgo, so the Moon here is very service-orientated: this little one has an emotional need to be useful. They will thrive in a neat and tidy environment and be hindered by disorder and mess. This is a child for whom helping Mummy around the house is unlikely to be a chore.

Routine is also of vital importance to 6th House Moonchildren. An established and regular routine will keep them emotionally far more stable than a more spontaneous lifestyle.

Parental tips:

  • Beware the vicious cycle of ill-health – unhappiness – ill-health with these Moonchildren. A routine of healthy living and eating will help this situation enormously.
  • The service-nature of this little one is a boon to all he or she meets, but be careful they are not exploited and remember to look after themselves a bit, too.

Moon in the 7th House:

The 7th is the House of partnership, most closely connected with Libra, so the Moon here makes for a little person who is at his or her most emotionally stable when they have a sidekick.  Their true  friendships will be few and profound, and they will perform better in partnership than alone.

Parental tips:

  • If your little one is trying something new and seems out of his or her comfort zone, the difficulty should be eased enormously by providing a helpmate: a trusted friend or sibling should do the trick.
  • Stressful situations, which a child with, say, Moon in the 1st might handle well will not be easy for this little one: they don’t handle crisis well. On the other hand, they are very sociably adept and will shine in company.

Moon in the 8th House:

The 8th is the House of profound transformations and is most closely associated with Scorpio, so this is a little one whose emotions are powerfully intense, and ever-evolving: they are likely to go through transformations as a result of emotional experiences. They will also have a tendency to play their cards very close to their chest, emotionally; it can become a bit of a guessing game which can, as a result of this bottling, become a little explosive when they can no longer keep it in.

A certain intuitive perception of things not always being as they seem is also suggested by this Moon placement, which can also manifest more negatively as a rather suspicious nature, and as a result this little one is likely to love unravelling mysteries, and supernatural stories.

Parental tips:

  • This little one will struggle with apparent superficiality and may need some help to put their feelings in perspective, understanding that others may not have such depth and intensity of emotion, and that’s okay.
  • The 8th House Moonchild can also struggle with expressing his or her emotions, and will probably need some help to open up gently, to understand that it is not so healthy to bottle it up.