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Moon through the Houses Pt 1: 1st to 4th


Continuing my exploration of the placement of the Moon in the Nativity, here is the first of three articles looking at the interpretations of the House your child’s Moon falls in. The idea here is that we combine the Moonsign with its House and come up with a third, tailor-made description of the condition of your child’s Moon. After this series, I will be taking one Moonsign through all the Houses as an example of how to do it. The rather exhaustive remainder of combinations will be available eventually in my book. 🙂

Of course, as ever, these descriptions depict the general principles of the Moon placements. In each individual chart there will be more ease, or indeed more difficult aspects to these Moon placements and you would need to look at the individual Nativity in order to work out whether these principles were easily tapped into by your child, or were the object of a little more sensitivity or difficulty.

Again, if you are not sure where your child’s Moon resides, please feel free to send me their details, and I will happily let you know.

So, let us begin!

Moon in the 1st House:

The 1st House in the astrology describes your sense of self, your identity, how others see you, how you interact with the world. With the Moon here, your little one will not find it hard to make friends or to influence people. Their lunar identity can make them very intuitive, too – don’t be surprised if they seem to know how you feel before you do – but they may have a tendency to rely rather too heavily on the emotions, rather than taking a little time to reflect before reacting.

Parental tips:

  • The tendency to wear their hearts on their sleeves can make these little ones really quite vulnerable. Be aware, too, of times when that vulnerability is used as a defence.
  • Just as the Moon waxes and wanes, so can these children seem to change with the tides. Don’t be surprised if they go from loving something to hating it in a heartbeat. Patience and persistence in the learning of constancy would help a great deal.

Moon in the 2nd House:

The 2nd House is all about material security, so for this little one to feel emotionally secure, the material must be dependable. He or she will like to be surrounded by familiar objects and belongings, and is likely to feel more threatened by the unfamiliar. Being the house of possessions, the Moon here also runs the danger of being possessive, especially when things in the rest of their world are unstable.

Parental tips:

  • This is the baby who likes the comfort blanket, or teddy, or fire engine! Something familiar, taken wherever you go, will provide that sense that all is right with the world.

Moon in the 3rd House

The 3rd is the house of siblings and of Gemini influences: changeability, quick-thinking, communication. When you add the Moon to the mix, you have a little one who is very emotionally attached to his or her siblings, whose emotions change with the wind, and who is quite happy to talk about them!

This is also a child who feels safe and secure at school, who is likely to love reading and learning generally: all this is food for their little soul.

Parental tips:

  • This is another little one who needs to take a deep breath and have a good think before reacting to instinctive emotional response.

Moon in the 4th House

The 4th is the house of home and family, of the opposite sex parent. This Moonchild is likely to be a little home-bunny; in good aspect, the Moon is very happy here in Cancer’s domain, and will produce an empathic and considerate family-focused child; a mini-mummy.

Parental tips:

  • With Moon in the 4th (and therefore Cancer’s home), this child is likely to pull back, crablike, into his or her shell when feeling unstable or insecure.
Next: Moon through the Houses Pt2: 5th to 8th.
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