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Under Construction…


AliceStrology Junior is a spin-off blog from AliceStrology, created with parents in mind. Here, over time, you will be able to find many aspects relating to your child’s Nativity that will help you to understand and parent your children more effectively; with a compassion tailored precisely to them; with a depth of understanding that can otherwise take a lifetime to develop.

As parents, it can take many years before the lightbulb appears above our head over any particular nuance of our child’s make-up or personality, difficulties or fortes. With the aid of astrology, we can zoom in on those aspects in a moment, saving years of anxiety orĀ  concern and enabling us to help our child now, when he or she needs it, and pave the way to adulthood with more ease and harmony.

This site is currently in progress, but I will announce its launch as soon as it is ready to go. In the meantime, please do check back from time to time, or feel free to contact me with any particular fields of interest.

See you soon!