Mars – “Outta My WAY!”


This retrograding Mars has been wreaking havoc in our household. The adults have been feeling utterly devoid of energy (Mars) – totally exhausted – and very much looking forward to its passing! But it has been making itself felt in other ways, too…

Teddy, now a whopping 18 months old, is undergoing his first Mars conjunct Sun transit.
Mars: energy, anger, vitality, feistiness, self-interest, independence; and Sun: identity, self, ego, how we make ourselves noticed.

We have witnessed this transit’s energies in him in the following ways:

  • this happy, gentle baby has suddenly begun shouting and screaming as never before;
  • the bump on Bertie’s head shows that he was sitting rather too close to a metal-fire-engine-wielding smaller brother; and
  • he has totally given up sleeping during the day despite being patently shattered, preferring to chat and holler in his cot until he simply cannot keep his eyes open any longer.

Ted has developed an independent streak a mile wide and would far rather walk everywhere than be carried. Given his already quite surprising physical strength, carrying him down the stairs when he’d rather be throwing himself down them, or playing in his brothers’ bedroom, has become something akin to trying to wrestle an angry gorilla… not easy!

All of this has the flavour of the first Mars return at two years old: the point at which Mars has returned to its placement at birth, and the marking of the ‘Terrible Twos’, when the independence, energy and fury of Mars can make itself felt in the most uncomfortable and difficult of ways, depending on how stressed your Mars placement is in your birth chart.

I am grateful for two things:
1) astrological understanding means that I am not concerned that my once gentle and cuddly baby has been forever replaced with a noisy tantrum-thrower: the final pass is on 8th May and this new-found feistiness will then begin to ease off and fade away. It is, as all things, impermanent; and
2) his natal Mars is not too challenging, which should mean that the Terrible Twos will not bring a repeat performance (though I’ll have to check out his Mars Return chart to be totally sure) 🙂

If your little one has been acting out of the ordinary lately, there will be an explanation for it. If you are interested, worried, or tearing your hair out, please feel free to visit my website:
I’m here to help.


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  1. Like the rest of them, Teddy’s an extremely lucky child! Outside with him! Let the little tyke run his wriggles off in the fresh air – Mars is happier with lots of oxygen, just as noisy though unfortunately.. Hope you have tolerant neighbours 🙂

    • Absolutely right! Energy to spare and it’s got to be run out – though he’ll have to run it out at the supermarket first… 😉
      Thank you, lovely Morvah. x

  2. Ah, the dreaded supermarket… Impatiens Bach Flower Remedy is recommended for temper tantums and supermarket ‘wilfulness’.. I have lots of Mars and Impatiens is a must have remedy..

    • That is quite possibly the best tip I’ve received all year! Can’t wait to try it on my number one – Mars-in-Aries-Mr-Competitive-Super-Achiever… 😉
      (Ooh, there’s a lot of Mars under this roof!)
      Thank you! ❤

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